I have a degree in Anatomy and Physiology from the University of Bristol, and hold a Level 4 University Certificate in Applied Health Science: NCT Birth Companion from the University of Worcester. This one year course was run by the National Childbirth Trust, and involved practical experience of working as a Doula, as well as academic learning about childbirth.

I became a recognised doula in 2014. During my time as a doula I have supported women through a variety of different experiences, including hospital birth, homebirth, unplanned homebirth, elective caesarean birth, emergency caesarean birth, premature birth, natural birth, water birth, VBAC and induction.
I have helped women to achieve a positive birth experience with medical conditions including gestational diabetes, obstetric cholestasis and perinatal cardiomyopathy.

I am a registered NCT Doula, and am also a member of Doula UK. I am a certified Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing teacher, a Holistic Infant sleep coach and a trainee Brazelton Newborn Baby Observation Practitioner.

I have completed a training course with Penny Simpkin, the author of When Survivors Give Birth, this has increased my awareness of the matters a survivor might need extra support with during pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally. No disclosure of previous abuse is necessary if you want the extra support I can offer, as the techniques can be used without any details being discussed.

I have completed a one-year breastfeeding course certified by the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) and am a current member of ILCA, which includes subscription to The International Journal of Human Lactation.

I hold an OCN Level 6 qualification in Holistic sleep coaching and offer sleep consultation for infants and children from newborn – 10 years.

Hospitals I have Worked At:

Epsom Hospital (Epsom), St Helier Hospital (Sutton), St Georges Hospital (Tooting), East Surrey Hospital (Reigate / Redhill), Kings College Hospital, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Kingston Hospital, West Middlesex Hospital (Twickenham), St Thomas’, London, Croydon University Hospital

Skills Development Courses:

June 2013 – Doula Uk Conference
Sept 2013 – Skin to Skin and Breastfeeding Knowledge update day
March 2013 – Using Mindfulness to improve doula practice
Sept 2014 – Obstetric update training
Sept 2014 – Using Self Compassion to overcome anxiety
Oct 2014 – Natal Hypnotherapy for Doulas
Nov 2014 – Breathe slowly and deeply (breathing techniques for labour and birth)
March 2015 – Relaxation and positioning
April 2015 – Baby wearing
May 2015 – Rebozo for labour
September 2015 – Breastfeeding in the first hour after birth
October 2015 – Giving Mothers a Map, coping with early labour
December 2015 – Midwifery and Obstetrics Update Day
March 2016 – Gentle Caesarean
April 2016 – Birth after Sexual Abuse
April 2016 – Introduction to counselling skills
May 2016 – Perinatal mental health conference (Kingston University)
June 2016 – Equality and Diversity
July 2016 – Grop B Streptococcus
September 2016 – NCT Birth Trauma update day
December 2016 – Understanding common mental health conditions
January 2017 – Anatomy and Physiology of Breastfeeding
February 2017 – Breast Milk Composition
March 2017 – Tokophobia (fear of birth) update day
March 2017 – Breastfeeding Position and attachment
March 2017 – Rewind technique for birth trauma
April 2017 – Breastfeeding Breast and Nipple pain
May 2017 – Breastfeeding Insufficient milk supply and over supply
June 2017 – Younique Postnatal doula preparation course
June 2017 – Breastfeeding: Legal and Ethical Issues
July 2017 – Breastfeeding: Tongue Tie
July 2017 – Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health August 2017 – Cache level 2 – Introducing Caring for Children and Young People
September 2017 – Breastfeeding Expression and Storage of Milk
October 2017 – Monitoring Babies During Labour
October 2017 – Breastfeeding Jaundice and Hypoglycaemia study day
November 2017 – Review of Research, Practice and Impact of Induction – Royal School of Medicine
November 2017 – Safeguarding Children and Adults
November 2017 – Breastfeeding Weaning and Suppression of Lactation
December 2017 – Breastfeeding Psychological and cognitive development
February 2018 – Lactation in the Presence of Mood or Personality Disorders
March 2018 – Behaviour of the Newborn during Skin to Skin – Latest Research Update
April 2018 -Breastfeeding Babies with Cardiorespiratory Issues (ILCA)
June 2018 – Non-prescription Drugs and Lactation: Helping Families Make Informed Decisions (ILCA)
June 2018 – Begin Before Birth Symposium – Mental health in the perinatal period
June 2018 – Non-prescription Drugs and Lactation: Helping Families Make Informed Decisions (ILCA)
June 2018 – Cleft lip and Palate (ILCA)
July 2018 – Responsive care and feeding (ILCA)
January 2019 – OCN Level 5 Holistic Sleep Coaching.
March 2019 – NCT Twins and Multiples – birth, breastfeeding and postnatal knowledge.
April 2019 – Using Herbs during Lactation (ILCA)
May 2019 – Baby wearing peer supporter training
June 2019 – Begin Before Birth Perinatal Mental Health Conference, Imperial College London
August 2019 – Multidisciplinary Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Breastfeeding Pain (ILCA)
September 2019 – Twisted Babies: How Fetal Constraints Impact Feeding (ILCA)
September 2019 – Optimising Brain Development for the Late Preterm Infant (ILCA)
September 2019 – Breastfeeding Knowledge for Non-BFC’s (NCT)
September 2019 – Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Healing Through Breastfeeding (ILCA)
October 2019 – Biomechanics For Birth: Diagnosing and Managing Malposition
January 2020 – Planning for the Postnatal Period
April 2020 – Mindful Mammas Hypnobirthing Teacher Training
June 2020 – Supporting Childbearing with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders
June 2020 – ICL Perinatal Mental Health Conference