We can thoroughly recommend Beverley as a birth doula. From the outset we knew we were in good hands; Beverley has a wealth of knowledge and useful tips but as importantly supports you in your decisions throughout birth. She has a calm demeanour which obviously helps everyone else relax. Our birth had complications and was not straightforward, but it was reassuring to have Beverley there as we went through the options at each stage. She is a kind and thoughtful person, just the type of person you would want with you in such a personal and important process.

– Mother of baby Lucy

We absolutely loved having Beverley as our birth doula and feel incredibly lucky to have met this wonderful human being! We first chose to work with Beverley for very ‘left brain’ reasons – especially her expertise/experience across multiple areas – e.g. hypnobirthing, aromatherapy, lactation, baby observations, etc. and her scientific/fact-based approach. But we quickly realized how wonderful Beverley truly is. She is genuinely warm, empathetic, kind and caring. She focused on our experience and spent as much time with us as needed – we didn’t feel like we were ‘on the clock’. Whenever we had to make a decision, she talked us through options, pros and cons with just the right amount of detail to help us make the right decision for us. She also respected and supported our decisions without judgment. She helped my husband feel involved/helpful before and during the birth, and her reassuring presence allowed him to relax and enjoy the experience. She lent me so many helpful books about hypnobirthing, aromatherapy, induction, home birth, lactation, etc. She helped us decide on and prepare for a home birth, which was absolutely the right decision for us even though initially we were apprehensive and knew nothing about it. And lastly she made us feel well supported and safe in the final stretch – she checked in regularly with us in the days leading up to the birth, stayed in regular contact as labour started, talked us through the various options we encountered during the birth, helped me get into physical postures to progress my labour – the list goes on. We would highly recommend Beverley to other mums and dads – working with her is one of the best decisions you can make!

Parents of baby Lucas


I would highly recommend Beverley as a doula. I found her via a personal recommendation from a friend and worked with her throughout my pregnancy.

As well as the preparation during the planned sessions, Beverley was in frequent communication, checking in and lending emotional support.

A change of hospitals during the late stages of pregnancy brought a number of stresses but Beverley supported us through this, advocated for us, contacted various organisations and used her extensive connections and network to help us to get the outcome we wanted.

This help was invaluable to us and made us feel like we had someone ‘in our corner’, someone who knew the maternity system, advocating for us.

My partner also found it invaluable to have Beverley’s support through the long labour in particular. Although my birth turned out very differently to the homebirth I wanted, I feel very lucky to have had Beverley there by my side through it all as I am certain that it would have been a much worse experience for me without her as our doula.

-Mother of baby Evie

I am so grateful that I chose Beverley as my birth Doula, she was everything you want when giving birth, calm, experienced and most importantly she listens to you. We connected well and she understood all my fears and anxieties, which made it easier for her calm me during my surges. Beverly was kind, caring, confident, empathetic, and very experienced, someone you want to have by your side when giving birth.

She prepared me for the birth by running through what to expect and the whole process. Then we went through what my expectations were for the birth experience, talking through what’s really important to me and “what if scenarios’. Beverley was patient and she listened to all my insecurities and fears and how I wanted her to help me in different scenarios. Beverley helped prepare us for the home birth by going through all the steps involved, even demonstrating how the birthing pool worked, she also went through all the logistical issues that may arise and what are plan of action would be under each scenario.

Beverley was very thorough and confident, most importantly she read and understood the emotions from us and took it from there.

Our home birth was such a positive experience, and it was lovely to be supported in the way I expected.

Mother of baby Vikash

Beverley supported us prior to the birth of our first child. What I liked most is that she never pushed on us a preconceived idea of the one right way. She listened to my preferences and tried to help me make informed decisions around those. Beverley’s advice was deeply evidence-based. She was able to help us sift through the sea of information available and to direct us to the resources most relevant to us. There was also something additional about the guidance of someone who has had four children herself and supported dozens of births. Beverley knew how things would look and feel in the moment, which was reassuring, especially in the late weeks of my pregnancy.

Since I needed to have a planned caesarean in the end, which took place during COVID-19 times, Beverley couldn’t attend my birth, as we had originally planned. However, she supported us all the way until the birth and afterward, helping me to understand how to navigate the choices around caesarean and what to do in the early days of motherhood. Her guidance and concern for my welfare made a big difference to this new mom!

Mother of baby Sage

I’m really happy we chose Beverley to help us with the birth of our daughter. She is calm, warm and has a reassuring depth of knowledge, which as first-time parents we really valued. She gave us free access to her library, which meant that we were able to feel confident in our decision making and write a birth plan together that reflected deep thinking and discussion.

This became especially important as Astra was due in May 2020 – this meant that in March we had to get used to the idea that we wouldn’t be able to have Beverley in the room due to coronavirus restrictions.

This was quite a pivot, but we were so glad to have her on our side – she essentially trained us over zoom to understand exactly what we would be going through and had us think in depth ahead of time how to respond to scenarios- this meant that we felt really in control as we went through labour. She helped us at home when labour began, with the home side and the logistics of it all and was our brain when we had lost ours after a day and a half of labouring.  Even if it wasn’t what we had envisaged when we first started working together, I was so glad to have Beverley’s support.

Parents of baby Astra

I am a first time mother and I had read that a lot of people only use a doula for the second baby after having a difficult first birth experience and I wanted to do everything I could to ensure that I had a wonderful first birth. I carefully selected Beverley as I really liked her website, blog and the other customer testimonials. Meeting Beverley confirmed that we had made the right decision as it was easy for us to engage with her and she is a very warm, friendly and gentle person who we thought would be a great member of our birth team.

We had some great meetings with Beverley leading up to the birth where she provided lots of useful information, books and helped us think through our birth preferences and planning that was required. She also leant me a TENs machine that proved to be the only pain relief I used throughout the whole birth. It was so comforting to have Beverley at the end of the phone in early labour, particularly for my husband! Then as the labour progressed Beverley came to our house and it was reassuring knowing that she was there to help guide us through the timings and when the right time would be to go to the hospital. As a result, I stayed at home much longer than I thought I would and had a really quick hospital birth that ended up being a great experience.

Beverley also helped me do the first skin to skin and breast-feeding post birth when the midwifes are understandably quite busy with the paperwork and the placenta. I don’t think I would have had the experience I did without having a doula there to assist at that very important and special time.

I would highly recommend having a doula and definitely recommend selecting Beverley. She was so helpful, knowledgeable, and very calm under pressure. Overall, we were delighted with how everything went!

– Mother of baby Joshua

I would like to say thank you to Beverley for being our doula. In the build up to the labour Beverley was a big help with lots of useful hints and tips. We had only done an NCT refresher course this time round and Beverley was a great help in reminding us of what lay ahead. The labour went completely differently to the birth of our first daughter. Maria arrived at the hospital in time where we met Beverley. We weren’t able to get our first choice of a water birth room. However, Beverley was a big help in finding out what was happening with that and eventually we were moved to a room where water births were possible. It is always very comforting and reassuring to have someone there who wasn’t a doctor but who had our best interests at heart. Beverley knew all the right questions to ask the doctors/midwives to try and make the situation as bearable as possible. The extra pair of hands became very useful especially with the TENs machine in constant action. There was also help after Emily had been born. The successful implementation of skin-to-skin was a beautiful sight and is something that Maria cherished dearly. It is a stressful and emotional time and all the help you can get really is appreciated.

Beverley is a very warm, friendly, caring and knowledgeable person who really helped us with the whole birth experience. I could not recommend her help enough to anyone considering a doula.

– Father of baby Emily

 Beverley came to meet us few times at our home and she explained to us all options available for birth and once we told her what we wanted she helped us build a birth plan covering all the questions we might be asked at the hospital before being discharged.

Beverley made herself available via WhatsApp and was ready to answer any question or give us some direction and recommendation during all phases of the process, by suggesting books, professional like osteopath, breastfeed support, website for research, etc. She gave us more confidence to make decisions by sharing her experience, information and knowledge.

We found that having a Doula is a great support when you are in a vulnerable situation and unexpected (specially for first time mum) as she supports you with preparation and to ask the right questions to make a decision.

We like Beverley from the first time we met her, she is very kind, respectful and honest. She was always available and ready to support us via WhatsApp or phone-calls. Even after the last appointment we had she came to meet us during a breastfeeding consultation.

I think Dads will love having Beverley as a doula as they can ask questions to her, and when the contractions start and your wife might not feel comfortable anymore, the Doula can help calm her down and work through it.

– Father of Baby Arthur

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to have Beverley as my doula. She was my main birth partner as my husband had to look after our older daughter during labor. She was so supportive and caring.

Although I was already 37 weeks when I met her, she understood my preferences very well and we knew each other enough in a short time.

She is experienced, confident and always have scientific knowledge supporting her ideas and suggestions and this made everything easier for me. I made right decisions as refusing being induced, going to the hospital on the right time and staying there against midwife’s suggestion sending me back home (my daughter arrived just 2,5 hours later).

I recommend working with Beverley to everyone who wants a doula that takes her job serious, has both experience and knowledge at the same time while being supportive and caring for you and your whole family.

– Mother of baby Leyla

Beverley helped us with the (hospital) birth of our son and we couldn’t be more grateful for the help and support she provided us throughout the pregnancy, during a difficult and lengthy labour and even after delivery. So, when we found out we are expecting a second child, we didn’t hesitate a single moment before asking her to help us again. Our trust and confidence in her encouraged us to plan a home birth. Her help with preparation, including her renting us a birth pool, proved invaluable yet again. She was in constant contact with us in the run up to the due date, providing advice and calming the nerves. On the day, she was so supportive, hands on and worked brilliantly with the midwifes who also complemented on her help in creating a harmonious environment for a lovely peaceful birth of our daughter. She even decorated the room our daughter was born in with candles and fairly lights! Beverley is a lovely, passionate, knowledgeable and extremely well qualified doula who would always go the extra mile to make the birth of your child as amazing and stress free of an experience for both the mum and dad as it possibly can be and we would recommend her highly to any expectant parents.”

– Mother of baby Adeline (and baby Lucas)

Beverley was amazing! She had all kinds of resources and has done lots of research on birth and breastfeeding. We talked in advance about all the options and many ways we could handle the birth and how we might feel. She used lots of examples and gave practical demonstrations, using props to explain birth. She taught me and my husband about hypnobirthing and helped us to use it through labour.
During the labour Beverley was calm, informative and had an alternative suggestion for almost every situation, so I felt like I always had an option. I felt she was encouraging and empathetic, and always supported our decisions.

– Parents of Baby Vera

I’m so glad I had a doula for my birth and Beverley was amazing. In the weeks leading up to my late delivery (42 weeks) Beverley went above and beyond to keep my morale up and ease my nerves. We messaged and spoke regularly which helped me immensely with my feelings and mindset, I don’t know what I would have done without her! At the birth she made it special by making the room have a few home comforts and held my hand when I needed it. She helped with my breastfeeding straight after the birth which I found invaluable. I also know my partner found it comforting and helpful to have Beverley with us. I would recommend Beverley to anyone wanting a smooth and comforting journey into motherhood.

– Parents of Baby Alexander

Beverley provided the moral support that we were looking for. She filled in the void we felt not having extended family with us in the U.K. She was very knowledgeable and was patient and helpful when I was feeling traumatised by having a quick birth before reaching the hospital. She supported me to feed my baby naturally, and that was a very happy moment for me. We would definitely recommend her services.

– Parents of Baby Rudra

Antenatally Beverley listened patiently to my concerns after my previous traumatic birth. She helped with practical tips such as harvesting colostrum, and to prepare me mentally for the due date. On the day, her calming influence and level-headed nature meant things ran very smoothly. We loved having a supportive third pair of hands for the birth.
She is very knowledgeable, and clearly enjoys looking into the evidence behind the suggestions that she gives.
Even though we had had a baby previously, the two experiences were so different. I felt mentally prepared going into this labour, and I feel that this was in part due to Beverley’s guidance and support. She helped make it an (almost!) enjoyable experience.

– Parents of Baby Pierce

Beverley offered a wealth of information regarding labour and birth preparation, and her guidance around the birth planning was invaluable – we had 4 successive birth plans, which turned out to be vital given the birthing journey we ended up following. Her antenatal visits were time well spent, helping us as a couple to source the information we needed and then make decisions with appropriate levels of consideration of the facts. She tactfully aided us to make decisions we felt were right for us. She encouraged us to have the mindset of asking questions where one is unsure of what is being suggested so that one is empowered as a parent, as opposed to simply accepting what you are being told and feeling uncomfortable about it.
She was quietly confident in her interactions with others, making her easy to communicate with, which was especially important in the situations that arose where we felt stressed.
She was a pillar of strength when mentally things became tough, both antenatally and during and after labour. We often found that simply her presence provided comfort and reassurance. Her unwavering support through what turned out to be a very difficult birth was invaluable to us. We will be eternally grateful to Beverley for being our birth partner.

– Parents of Baby Jhett

Beverley went over and above our expectations. She was a constant source of useful information and reassurance when we needed it. She provided us with useful reference materials and we enjoyed every one of our pre-birth meetings We found her to be extremely knowledgeable, and in tune with what we wished for. She was very enthusiastic, friendly and fully committed to her role as our doula. Her efforts to stay in touch regularly before labour began were outstanding and this helped build our relationship which helped me to stay relaxed and to trust her fully when it mattered the most. She was particularly invaluable during my prolonged labour – guiding us through unexpected decisions we had to make, supporting us emotionally, providing pain relief through natural means, such as massage and rebozo, and being an outstanding birth partner. We were able to rely on her 100%. She facilitated communication with midwives and was very calm and so supportive to us. As a father, I was trying to do my best for my wife, and having a knowledgeable partner, who had known us for a while, was invaluable and it took the pressure off me so I could feel I was able to support my wife 100%. We would wholeheartedly recommend having a doula. Out of all the decisions we made in the run up to the birth of Lucas, having Beverley with us was by far the best.

– Mother of Baby Lucas

My dream homebirth was imminent and I didn’t know what was going to happen, as one never does with a birth, but I did need to know I had Beverley by my side. She was confident, nurturing and reassuring about the birth and encouraged me to go with the flow of whatever would happen. I knew she would try everything possible to make it the birth experience I wanted it to be, and fight for what I wanted every step of the way. I felt I could put my trust in Beverley to tide me through the fog and mist and consuming whirlwind of imminent new motherhood, helping me to have confidence in myself and feel in control and enjoy the unfolding steps to finally meeting my new baby for the first time. The main thing I remember about my whirlwind birth experience was Beverley quickly guiding me to the pool and then feeling that time had disappeared and I was suddenly blind with positive natural pain and excitement. I grabbed on to Beverley’s arm and then suddenly my baby was in my arms. Beverley suggested having a ‘golden hour’ after birth, and she helped me to get into a position so that my baby could crawl to find its way to suckle at the breast. After birth, I suddenly felt a strange feeling that I couldn’t control my legs, and was very worried and embarrassed to tell anyone. Beverley looked after me and reassured me until the feeling came back and I was able to walk. I am so glad I chose Beverley as my doula and that she chose me, as we needed to work together as a team. I felt I could trust her to guide me gently and caringly through the unknown. She has always shown empathy, and made me feel so proud of myself and my little baby. Thank you, Beverley, for helping me to have the positive birth experience I hoped for and for caring for all my family, and for making this a special memory to be treasured forever.

– Mother of Baby Gianluca

Beverley was a wonderful doula to us. From the moment we met her, she had such a calming presence. We knew she would be perfect to support us through the birth of our son. She was able to guide us through all the processes at our local hospital, so we were able to plan the kind of birth we wanted. She was an invaluable support, both in person and in the lead up to the birth when I needed reassurance. During the birth she was able to be my voice and make sure my wishes were heard and my needs met. She made sure I fully understood what was happening and what my choices were at every stage. Once my son was born she helped him latch on for the first time. I am sure that early help is a large part of the successful breastfeeding of my son. Should I have more children in the future, I will be asking Beverley to be my doula again.

– Mother of Baby Edward

We would highly recommend Beverley as a doula. Having had a fairly stressful, intervention-filled labour with our first son, we felt that having a doula would be helpful in gaining some control over the situation in the birth of our second child. Beverley helped us to consider various options for labour. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and she was very knowledgeable on what the repercussions of this might be in labour and suggested questions to ask medical professionals to enable us to make informed decisions regarding suggested induction and monitoring.
In the event, the labour and birth of our second son was very short and he was born at home (not planned!) Beverley enabled the birth to be calm and stress free for both me and my husband. She enabled me to labour in the way I wished and enabled my husband to feel calm, helpful and in control of the situation, which he had not felt the first time around. I am not sure of what we would have done without her, and are forever grateful.

– Mother of Baby Oliver

Beverley has been a huge help during our pregnancy and the birth of our daughter Florence. As first time parents, we wanted the guidance, support and reassurance a doula can provide and Beverley has exceeded our expectations! The antenatal meetings were very informative and helped us reflect on what we wanted for the birth experience. She was caring and kind and was adaptable to our needs as necessary. During the labour and birth Beverley’s presence made a big difference in helping me get through a long labour, with confidence. Her expertise and knowledge, and ability to communicate with the midwife/doctor also helped us make several important decisions during the process, which we felt resulted in a vaginal delivery, despite the malposition of the baby. We are very grateful to have had Beverley as our doula and have her share the experience with us. We highly recommend her!

– Mother of Baby Florence

Beverley was a fantastic support to both me and my husband. Joshua is our first child and we were both nervous about the birth. You hear so many bad stories, and we wanted a positive one! We learnt so much about what happens during birth, and the different options open to us. I was interested in hypnobirthing and Beverley helped me learn more and also leant me other books that helped me greatly. As my due date came and went Beverley helped me cope with the unwanted pressure from midwives, and gave me the confidence to push for the exact birth experience I wanted. Beverley’s calm, knowledge and caring reassurance helped me so much in the lead up to the birth and on the night itself. Her presence at the birth undoubtedly made a critical difference at key times, particularly ensuring skin-to-skin happened and helping with early breastfeeding. I thoroughly recommend Beverley 100%!

– Mother of Baby Joshua

After a traumatic and painful first birth experience, resulting in an emergency C-section, my husband and I wanted a doula to support us with a VBAC for our second baby. Beverley was amazingly supportive throughout the whole journey. She provided me with guidance on hypnobirthing during my pregnancy, which was invaluable when the contractions were at their hardest. At all stages she helped fight my corner, when I decided against medical intervention. She was fantastically supportive to my husband which helped him to be the perfect birthing partner. My second labour was lengthy, but a calm and pleasant experience with Beverley’s knowledge and support. Although my labour experience eventually resulted in another caesarean, as a team we had certainly given VBAC every chance, and I found it to be a positive (relaxing!) experience. In recovery from theatre, Beverley made sure that skin-to-skin contact was established, and helped me to successfully breast feed. I whole-heartedly recommend her services to any expectant mum and dad.

– Mother of Baby Lara

I was originally a bit sceptical about having a doula as I did not know what they had to offer, but it turned out to be the best decision we could have made. Having a doula helped me to have a positive birth experience as I was very nervous and fearful about labour, but Beverley put my mind at ease with information and practical advice and support – all of which helped me to feel in control of the situation. I had a very different birth from what I expected, and ended up having a water birth using only hypnobirthing, gas and air, massage and breathing techniques! I would highly recommend Beverley to anyone who wants a positive birth partner, or like me, has a lot of fears or anxiety. As soon as we met, she was easy to talk to, very friendly and understanding, and had experience of people with similar fears to mine. She was not judgemental about my worries, and helped calm my nerves by suggesting different coping techniques and talking through all the different scenarios that I worried could happen. Beverley offered a variety of information on all the topics we queried, but never pushed a certain opinion. All information was given in an unbiased way that let us make our own decisions. I feel that without all the knowledge and support from Beverley on the day, it would not have been such a positive experience.

– Mother of Baby Locke

I would recommend Beverley without any hesitation, she was very empathetic, highly supportive and trusted my wife’s instinct to give birth naturally. She had an instrumental role in the birth of our second child. Highly experienced, empathetic, supportive doula, she was just what we needed and expected. I couldn’t have managed without Beverley – her value was immeasurable – once we had her, I knew we were all set. As a dad, I would definitely recommend getting a doula. They are highly experienced and will add more value than what a typical dad learns at antenatal preparation class.

– Dad of Baby Dheeya

I would highly recommend Beverley as a doula. Her knowledge and confidence in what she does is what I needed during my pregnancy. Her prompt help and confident attitude guided me through the pregnancy and had a positive impact.
She spent the first night after my caesarean birth in hospital with me, which was great as she helped me establishing my real first skin to skin contact with my baby. That night she presented exactly the type of help that I needed. Those moments with my baby were precious and Beverley helped me build a fantastic memory of them.

– Mother of Baby Mia

I want to say thank you to Beverley for being our doula. In the build up to the labour Beverley was a really big help, helping us to prepare for everything that we may encounter. There were lots of useful hints and tips that we had not learnt about at NCT or through various books. The labour went completely differently to how we had planned or expected. My wife was induced a few days before her due date and it became a very difficult and painful experience. Given it was our first child it was very comforting and reassuring to have someone there who wasn’t a doctor but who had our best interests at heart. Beverley knew all the right questions to ask the doctors/midwives to try and make the situation as bearable as possible. The extra pair of hands became very useful especially with the TENs machine in constant action. There was also huge help after Jessica had been born. The successful implementation of skin-to-skin was a beautiful sight and is something that my wife cherished dearly. Even small things like helping my wife take a shower were hugely helpful. It is a stressful and emotional time and all the help you can get really is appreciated. Beverley is a very warm, friendly, caring and knowledgeable person who really helped us with the whole birth experience. I could not recommend her help enough to anyone considering a doula.

– Father of Baby Jessica

I was birth phobic as long as I could remember -literally terrified of giving birth. I made many plans for the labour I wanted to have but having Beverley as our doula was one of the best choices I made. Her support throughout the pregnancy kept me calm and positive, something I thought I would never be – even when that positivity wobbled (crying hysterically in fear at 37 weeks) she was at the end of the phone to talk me through it and I found it really helped. My husband who was initially sceptical also found our meetings really informative and we were top of the class at NCT with all our new found knowledge!
In the event, I had a long labour with many interventions I didn’t plan on, however I still found the experience very positive – most importantly for me I didn’t feel fearful. I think this was due to the support I had from Beverley – even the staff at the hospital commented that she was one of the best doulas they had seen. She calmly talked me through each contraction (and there are many) holding my hand, talked to staff on our behalf (they wanted to break my waters but I refused and she ensured I was listened to) and even took photos of Teddy when he was first born that we now cherish – we were too busy gazing at him in wonderment! It’s a strange emotional bond you have with someone after you have shared your fear and the most intense experience of your life with, but thanks to her knowledge and care I am even contemplating doing it again and would have Beverley again as our doula without hesitation.

– Mother of Baby Teddy

I remember at one of our first meetings with Beverley, we talked about how births don’t necessarily follow a set plan, that there may be twists and turns along the way, but in the end you get where you need to be. We found this very true for the birth of our daughter and Beverley was there for us every step of the way.
As a first time mum, I started out pretty daunted by the prospect of labour, but with all the information and confidence Beverley gave us, I ended up so relaxed about it, I decided to plan a home birth. However, our baby girl had other plans and we ticked over all the way to 42 weeks term with no sign of her arrival. This was by far the most stressful period of the pregnancy, as hospital policies start to kick in that can be frustrating and confusing. Having Beverley as a sensible and friendly voice just a call away was so important to keeping a clear perspective on what it was we wanted to do throughout this period.
Our plans changed from the quiet and private home birth I had envisioned, to an induction which had start-stop contractions over 3 days and ended with decision for a C-section. Through those long, sleep deprived hours, Beverley was always there as a calm and consistent support for both me and my partner. Whether that was helping me through some really aggressive contractions, comforting me about the bleeping monitoring screens or finding a comfy chair for my husband to sleep in. We had to make lots of decisions and adapt to things as they developed, but with Beverley we felt confident we were doing what was right for us.
I think regardless of what kind of birth you plan or not plan to have, having Beverley as a doula means having someone who can adapt to any circumstance and keep you feeling in control, calm and focused on the end outcome. Our 9lbs 1oz, Liana, who despite the eventful final days, is a happy, hungry and active little girl.

– Mother of Baby Liana

Thank you again, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for helping me have the birth I so wanted. I feel so happy and content. Having your help transformed my experience of labour and birth compared to last time.

“Beverley had taught my husband and me some massage techniques which I found so helpful. She and my husband took it in turns to massage my back for each contraction. Between them they sorted the lounge and put the birth pool up too. There’s no way my husband could have done all that in his own.”

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– Mother of Baby Penny

You’re asked to make a lot of choices when having a baby: your birth plan; agreeing a name; picking a pram etc. At the time, there’s no way of knowing whether you are making the right decisions. Looking back, choosing Beverley as our doula was one of the best decisions we made.
Our original hope had been to try and stay at home for as long as possible with Beverley using her experience to help keep us relaxed. In the end we had a drawn out experience over several days in the hospital. Beverley was amazing. She provided continuity of care and really understood when we needed a little extra support. We felt more informed and confident throughout because we could draw on her experience. She had all the details covered – even down to knowing where the secret reclining leather chair is hidden in St Helier.
The support didn’t stop following labour. Beverley has continued to be there for us with lots of advice and arranged for a breast-feeding expert to visit.
If you were thinking of using a doula, my advice would be to go for it. And if you’re trying to decide which one is for you, you couldn’t make a better choice than Beverley.

– Father of Baby Lorcan

We are so happy we chose Beverley to be our doula, for our first baby. Beverley is very knowledgeable, and has a calm and friendly demeanour. I felt more relaxed about birth after our meetings. Beverley lent us some books to read in preparation. I found it helpful and supportive to have Beverley available by phone and email in the final weeks of pregnancy. I had a last minute medical condition crop up one week before due date, which resulted in a C-section. It was reassuring to have Beverley around in what turned out to be a very stressful time. She met me on the ward before I was taken to theatre, and kept me calm and focused. Beverley supported my husband after I was taken to a different ward post-surgery. My husband and baby had to go to the post-natal maternity ward without me, and he really valued her presence. Beverley kept in contact with us in the days and weeks after birth to see how we were all doing. Our meeting at home after the birth was useful to reflect back on the experience, particularly for me as the initial days after the birth were a bit of a blur being in hospital.
Beverley was everything we were looking for in a doula. Both my husband and I felt at ease with her after our initial meeting. Beverley makes herself available but without being too overbearing. I believe having Beverley as our doula, made me calm and confident in the final weeks of pregnancy. This helped me deal better with the unforeseen changes in my health and resulting C-section. We would both highly recommend Beverley, and we are so glad she was our doula.

– Mother of Baby Joseph

As soon as I spoke to Beverley on the phone I knew she was going to play a big role in helping us prepare for the birth of our first baby. But I had no idea just what an instrumental role she would play.
Throughout the antenatal period, she kept in touch and provided constant reassurance and each of her visits were both helpful and enjoyable. Importantly, her advice gave us a much more positive outlook on the birth and it became something we were excited about, not fearful of.
We ended up having an unexpected home birth – and we have Beverley to thank for Ted’s safe arrival. She was absolutely amazing in every way – from personally delivering our baby to keeping me (and my husband) at ease through the whole experience. It’s fair to say that Beverley went far above and beyond her call of duty
I cannot recommend Beverley highly enough. And it goes without saying that the care she provides during the labour and birth itself is absolutely amazing.
Every day I remember just how lucky we were to have found Beverley and that she literally came to our rescue to bring Ted in to the world. Every mum to be needs Beverley by her side!

– Parents of Baby Ted (unplanned homebirth!)

I felt at ease with Beverley from the first phone call. She was a fantastic doula, helping me to prepare for labour with her wealth of knowledge and experience, tonnes of books and other resources to lend us, and not least her calm and approachable nature. I had decided to go for a doula after a difficult second birth; a VBAC where I ended up feeling out of control, not listened to and at times pretty abandoned. Having Beverley there with me for the latter stages of this pregnancy and birth, meant that happily none of that was repeated. Instead I had constant support and reassurance. She was a great help with decisions in the lead up to the birth when Amber’s due date came and went, and also with the birth itself, enabling me to manage with limited pain relief and no intervention. Both Amber and I are in much better shape for it! I know my husband, having been initially sceptical of a doula’s role and how it would fit alongside his own, is a complete convert and found that the two of them worked very well together to give me the best support possible. Thank you Beverley for all that you have done for us.

– Parents of Baby Amber

Beverley put us at ease from the start. This was our first baby and we wanted a natural and wonderful birth with minimal medical intervention. Her sure footed approach and support were immediately called upon when we were admitted to hospital eight weeks early! Our plans nearly went out the window, but Beverley was simply terrific in helping us to make the best of very trying circumstances. I dread to think how different things might have been if she hadn’t been there to see us through, and we would warmly recommend her to anyone else.

– Parents of Baby Edwin (8 weeks early)

My husband and I are very thankful to have had Beverley supporting us during the birth of our baby. She was always concerned for our progress, from my pregnancy through to the labour stage. Beverley gave me and my husband a lot of assurance which we could not expect to get from medical staff. She was very professional and made herself available for me. She is good at communicating with me and acted as our friend without giving me any pressure in any decisions that I made.
She stayed close to me in my labour and supported me emotionally, mentally and physically. Thinking back I would have been a lot more anxious and would not have understood what was going on without having Beverley there. I don’t think I would have managed a vaginal birth without her help. Our baby and I, and even our family have benefited hugely from the easier recovery process after the birth from which we feel deeply grateful.

I would highly recommend Beverley as a doula.

– Parents of Baby Naomi

I doubt we’ll ever actually find the words to express how much you mean to us and how thankful we have been for all your help in the run up to yesterday as well as getting us through Saturday night and Sunday morning – you gave a strength and a comfort all the way through that made everything easier to handle. Thank you so much.

– Parents of Baby Liam

I met Beverley for an ante-natal visit a few weeks prior to my son Emmett’s arrival. We discussed my birth plan and how a 3rd baby would affect my family. She put me right at ease and provided me with a few handy tips for the impending birth. I knew that my baby was posterior and she showed me how I could help to reposition him with a few simple steps. Beverley was very calm and well informed. She took a great interest in my previous birthing stories and shared her own personal experiences with me. I would recommend her to anyone having a baby as their right hand person. She would be particularly useful and helpful to those who are about to have their first baby, as she has a wealth of knowledge to draw from.

– Mother of Baby Emmett

Beverley recommended some useful books as a source of reference, but more importantly talked me through some very helpful breathing techniques. I had a straightforward labour and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, without any form of pain relief. Beverley’s advice to keep focussed and concentrate on my breathing really helped me.

– Mother of Baby Adam