We don’t have any family nearby, so we wanted Beverley to provide support to me and tips on caring for the baby. We felt that she met all our expectations, offering good support and reassurance as well as a shoulder to cry on – literally. She made me feel that everything I was going through was normal and offered a sounding board for me. Beverley is really friendly and caring. She is a hard worker and was on the lookout for things that needed to be done, she didn’t wait for me to ask! I felt that we had a good rapport, both when we met antenatally and postnatally.

- Mother of baby Ralph

We decided to hire a postnatal doula as we felt like we didn’t know what to do in the postnatal period. Beverley listened to me and showed me empathy during my unstable time. She helped me also to build confidence to take care of my baby. She suggested lots of ideas to me and provided the information which is evidence based. She voluntarily helped with the chores and she cooked well! We found her considerate, and I felt that she observed what I wanted and adapted herself to my way of doing things. I felt like I could trust her.

– Parents of Baby Lisa

We chose Beverley to be our postnatal doula as when we met her we found her soft spoken and calm. She has been really supportive to us. She is a very nice, kind and warm person. I found it really easy to build a friendly relationship with her. I like the way she looked after our little boy – they both seem to like each other! She is good at entertaining him and tries to vary the activities she does with him, so he doesn’t get bored. I also like the fact that she never leaves him to get upset and picks him up before he starts to cry.

I found her very supportive to me, both emotionally when I was feeling very emotional and sensitive and needed to share my feelings, and practically by volunteering to take care of minor tasks around the house. She helped me build confidence to take the baby out and has been very encouraging in terms of breastfeeding. – Parents of Baby Tarika

Beverley was an incredible and invaluable support to me in the months after the birth of my daughter. She did everything from household chores, to caring for the baby, to providing much-needed emotional and practical advice. She was very sensitive to how I wanted to care for my daughter and always reinforced and encouraged this and took care of her in the same way. She made me feel like a good mum even when I wasn’t sure I was! I also found Beverley to be very proactive with the household work once we had established what I needed, so I usually found she had done things I needed before I had to ask! Above all she was very experienced with babies and very knowledgeable about breastfeeding in particular. Her emotional and practical support with breastfeeding helped me cope with some very hard experiences I had with feeding my daughter. I would highly recommend her as a postnatal doula.

– Parents of Baby Elizabeth