Birth Doula

My service for home or hospital births includes: -

  • Free initial consultation.
  • Meet with you up to four times before the birth. No time limit on meetings.
  • Be available by phone and email from start of contract, until six weeks after the birth.
  • Have a selection of books about labour and birth for you to borrow.
  • Free loan of TENS machine, aromatherapy oils and childbirth homeopathy kit.
  • Help you create a birth plan.
  • Help you decide what to pack.
  • Stay with you throughout labour and birth.
  • Emotional and physical support for you and your partner a well as support using your hypnobirthing techniques.
  • Prioritize a ‘golden hour’ after the birth and support early breastfeeding.
  • Meet with you postnatally to discuss the labour and birth.
  • Be on call, exclusively for you, for two weeks before the baby is due and two weeks after.

As soon as you book, we will begin to meet up and start to get to know each other. I normally like to have at least four antenatal meetings, one to get to know each other, the second to look at your preferences, dreams and choices surrounding birth, the third to talk about how to prepare for a positive birth, and the fourth to talk through what to expect during labour, birth and in the first few hours after birth. This also includes early breastfeeding knowledge.

During our meetings we would build a detailed birth plan. This involves among other things, talking about what you want / don’t want, what options are available, questions you might need to ask the midwife / doctor, pros and cons of different ideas.

We would discuss what support would best help you fulfil these plans, making time to learn, and practice some practical skills, such as breathing, massage and positioning. We could also talk about other positive ideas, such as nesting, visualisation, relaxation, hypnotherapy for birth and anything else you are interested in.

Labour / Birth

I will come to your house as your labour progresses, and stay with you until after the birth.

Once the labour has begun, there is no set role of a doula; I would be there entirely to meet you, and your partner’s needs. You might ask me to sit and guard your labouring space, or provide support to your partner so they can support you, or I could offer physical support, massaging or holding you.

I will help you to think about all the things we had practiced in our meetings, and remind you to try the coping mechanisms we had discussed.

Most importantly I will encourage you to let your own body tell you what may be best during the labour.

I would be available to facilitate discussion with the doctors and midwives, and make sure you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you need to in order to ensure you are fully informed and are comfortable with the decisions being made.
I would not be there to tell you what to do, but to provide the props, the space, the information and the courage to make decisions that are right for you, your partner and the baby.


I will stay with you for a few hours after the birth, until you and the baby are settled.

I can help facilitate a golden hour if you would like, and support you as you begin to breastfeed.

I would then come for at least one postnatal visit, to chat over the experience of the labour and birth, and to offer support in the early days.

This gives a general guide of the service I offer. As we work together and get to know each other, we will tailor the support and discussions to meet your needs.


My fees include travel, and all other expenses except:-

  • A parking permit for outside your home if necessary
  • A taxi back from the hospital to my car if you ask me to travel with you.

As they are all inclusive my fees vary from birth to birth, but on average are around £800
This can be paid in instalments.

Please do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions

I accept Doula UK gift vouchers (an ideal baby shower present!) and accept clients through the Doula UK Access fund.