Antenatal Preparation

I offer one-to-one antenatal preparation in the comfort of your own home. These sessions are available to people who are not booking me as their doula.

You can direct the content, length and number of sessions. We will discuss via phone and email the support you are looking for, and put together a programme that works for you and your birth partner.

Topics can include: –
• Debrief of a previous birth
• Discussion of fears surrounding this birth
• Anatomy and Physiology of labour and birth
• Psychology of labour and birth
• Visualisation
• Nesting ideas
• Breathing techniques
• Simple massage
• Alternative therapy ideas
• Positions for labour and birth
• What to do when labour begins
• Pain relief, natural and medical
• Hypnobirthing
• Relaxation
• Mindfulness
• Partner support ideas
• Exploring birth preferences and writing a plan
• Assertiveness
• What to pack
• Homebirth
• Waterbirth
• Breastfeeding
And anything else you are interested in!


£50 per session (normally 2 hours)
Includes travel and handouts.

Excludes parking outside your home. I ask you to provide me with a parking permit if necessary.

Please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions or would like any further information.