Doula Surrey, Beverley Hinton

Having volunteered with the NCT for several years I decided, in 2012, to progress my involvement and train as a doula. I became a recognised doula in 2014, and have since supported women through a variety of different experiences, including hospital birth, homebirth, unplanned homebirth, elective caesarean birth, emergency caesarean birth, premature birth, natural birth, water birth, VBAC and induction.

Pregnancy, labour and birth are such an important time in life for a woman and those surrounding her. Her experiences, and the way she is cared for, really matter, and can have an impact, either positive or negative, lasting for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, many women feel that they did not enjoy their birth, and see it as a negative and fearful time. I decided to train as a doula so that I could offer support to other women, and help them to make their labour and birth the most empowering, positive experience possible.

Choosing to have a doula

Choosing to have a doula, means choosing to have someone with experience, knowledge and training by your side throughout your pregnancy, birth and baby’s early days, to navigate through the ups and downs, twists and turns and highs and lows with you. To share the laughter and joy as well as the tears.

I believe that if a woman has an abundance of support, love and care, she will better be able to engage with her body’s ability to labour and birth her baby, and find the strength to make any decisions that might become necessary along the way. This belief lead to the naming of my services as ‘Philia Birth’. Philia, translated from Greek means ‘friendship’ or’ affection’.

The birth doula service I offer aims to provide the additional support women and their partners need on their journey towards meeting their baby. I will help them to navigate their way through all the information and choices that they are faced with, and be there for any unexpected ‘detours’ along the way. I will focus solely on the mother, and her partner’s needs, make space for her to listen to her body, and to allow time for well thought over decisions to be made.