Doula Surrey, Beverley Hinton

About Me: I am an antenatal/birth Doula, and I live in Banstead, Surrey with my family.


Why I Decided to Train as a Doula

Having previously volunteered with the NCT as a local area supporter, and as a bumps and babes supporter, I decided to progress my involvement with the NCT and train as a Doula. I enjoyed the experience of having my four children immensely, and was saddened to hear that other women had experiences that they did not enjoy and even felt disappointed with.

I trained as a doula so that I can support other women, to make their labour and birth a positive, life changing event. After all, it is not just a baby being born; it is also the birth of a family. I want to help make this the time of joy and celebration that it should be.

My Services


My service for home or hospital births includes:-

  • Free initial consultation.
  • Meet with you a minimum of two more times before the birth.
  • Be available by phone and email from start of contract, until six weeks after the birth.
  • Have a selection of books about labour and birth for you to borrow.
  • Help you create a birth plan.
  • Help you decide what to pack.
  • Stay with you throughout labour and birth.
  • Emotional and physical support for you and your partner.
  • Support a ‘golden hour’ after the birth.
  • Breastfeeding support.
  • Meet with you postnatally to discuss the labour and birth.

I would be on call, exclusively for you, for two weeks before the baby is due and two weeks after.